Extra Virgin Olive Oil benefits

Olive oil can come in many different flavors. One of the hottest pictures is “Extra Virgin”. The term refers to the degree to which olive oil is processed by manufacturers. Extra virgin olive oil is often abbreviated to EVOO.

Chemicals and heat are used to process olive oil before it is sold. You may buy Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The more experience olive oil has in processing, the longer its shelf life in supermarkets.  However, many people find that the cleaning process changes the taste of the oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed, fresh olive oil on the market. To maximize freshness, extra virgin olive oil is often made by cold press or stone press. This means that no heat was used in the preparation of the oil. The best way to preserve the polyphenols and other antioxidants in olive oil are to avoid heat.

Nutrition information

There will be some fluctuations between the extra virgin olive oil specific nutrition manufacturers. This could be due to differences in olive varieties, oil pressing time and more.

A tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in approximately:

 *  Calories: 126

 *  Protein: 0 grams

 *  Fat: 14 grams

”  Carbohydrates: 0 grams

”  Fiber: 0 grams

Extra virgin olive oil does not contain many micronutrients. Exceptions are Vitamin E and Vitamin K.One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil provides about 13% of your daily recommended value of vitamin E and about 9% of the recommended daily value of vitamin K.

Potential health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

All olive oils contain some healthy compounds, including cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fatty acids.  However, extra virgin olive oil has some special health benefits.

Heart brain

Much has been said about the “Mediterranean” and its benefits to a healthy heart. One of the main ingredients in this diet is extra virgin olive oil. Studies have indicated that extra virgin olive oil is anti-inflammatory, contains abundant antioxidants, and is beneficial for vasodilation.

Anti-cancer properties

The antioxidant activity of polyphenols in olive oil may reduce the risk of cancer.  Extra virgin olive oil contains the highest amount of polyphenols in any type of olive oil.

Bone health

Numerous studies have linked high levels of olive oil to maintaining healthy bones. This includes lower risk of hip fractures and improved bone density. The mechanism behind this is also suspected to be based on polyphenols.


The extra calories in extra virgin olive oil are also not considered a major health risk. This is largely due to the fact that the dense, calorie-rich oil keeps you full for longer, ultimately reducing appetite and appetite.